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kung fu

kung fu

THE POWER OF WING CHUN | Episode 1 Tristan Fung shows you an effective way to break your opponent's guard with a parry and punch.

As your opponent raises his guard, immediately move in and parry his leading hand. By shifting his guard just off centre, you can step through and deliver a powerful straight punch to his head.

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Lifestyle center

real estate partner

Litigation Funding: Offering cash advancements to plaintiffs and attorneys even ahead of their lawsuit circumstances are settled. It really is a contingent transaction during which litigation funding is highly developed based solely around the merits of a pending lawsuit. Litigation funding is repaid only on effective verdict or settlement of the lawsuit. Should the plaintiff or attorney loses the lawsuit case, the litigation mortgage is rarely paid out back into the litigation financing business.

LITIGATION - A case, controversy, or lawsuit. A contest approved by law, in the courtroom of justice, for the intent of enforcing a appropriate. Individuals (plaintiffs and defendants) in lawsuits are named litigants.

For plaintiffs the litigation process is extended, stress filled and tiring. The legal technique is uncharted territory for some of them. Many times litigation method is disruptive and distressing life expertise for them also for his or her people. Even if they gain their lawsuits, plaintiffs may not get payment for months or even a long time.

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Qigong Training

I know your time is valuable, so let's get straight to the point!

This is NOT your normal Chi Kong training. If you're looking for a time consuming and effort requiring course then move on!!!!

This course can teach you something very different. Something VERY powerful.

Qigong Made Easy

But before you go any further , I must give you this warning:

This isn't like any other Chi Kong (Qi Gong, Chi Kung or Chi Gong) courses out there. On this course you will learn exactly the most powerful techniques hidden from people in just ONE week with ease.

But with knowledge comes responsibility and this info should be handled with extreme care.

So let's get to it.......

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Curso de Dj on line

O Curso de Dj on line é uma boa alternativa para quer se tornar um DJ sem sair de casa,

e principalmente através da metodologia Tríade do Top Dj desenvolvida pelo Renato Dj você

encontra uma gama de material jamais visto em qualquer curso de dj apresentado no Brasil.


O curso de dj desenvolvido pelo Renato DJ do segredos dos djs é um material único capaz de te

mostrar a realidade do mercado de Djs nos dias de Hoje.

Fazer mixagens, contar BPM, utilizar CDjs, mixers ou contrladoras vai ficar muito mais fácil

depois deste treinamento para Djs on line!

A metodologia tríade do top DJ foi desenvolvida a partir dos 3 principios que o Renato DJ

considera fundamental para qualquer DJ se desenvolver:




Os cursos de dj no Brasil normalmente focam somente na parte técnica e isso hoje em dia já é

ultrapassado... o dj precisa de muito mais conteúdo para se desenvolver no mundo da música.

Por isso a metodologia tríade do top dj é um curso on line para formação completa de djs

seja você um dj iniciante ou mesmo você que já é dj mas precisa se desenvolver na profissão.

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